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Back when I 'raced' enduros, one enduro decided to hold a "...let's see who can ride the DEEPEST ..." in a creek, so one of the 'brain-surgeons' decided to mount a snorkel to the aircleaner of his bike, and run it up UNDER his riding jersey so the air-inlet was at the rear of his helmet, figuring he could ride in 4 or 5 FEET and win the... whatever...!

You can PROBABLY picture it - he rode in, deeper, DEEPER, then his whole bike was underwater STILL moving....

He must've 'washed-out' (GOOD choice of words?), because all-of-a-sudden he went over sideways plunging HIM totally under water, because, OF COURSE his snorkel attached him physically to the motorcycle....

A few of us dove in and rescued him, but....
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