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So I've been insanely busy with work. Also, not a single place within 50 miles of me sells anything 22X1.5 as far as I can tell. I refrained from ordering a puller online because I wanted to get on it right away. Would've totally arrived by now. Bottom end should be apart Tuesday. Anyway, I figured I'd educate myself on what the hell goes on with valves. Had a hell of a time getting the shim bucket out on the one in question. I figured what you guys have been telling me: bent valve - maybe pinning the bucket against its' "sleeve." Finally got the bucket out by spinning/pulling. Pulled the valve, but it looks pretty normal (compared to others, google image searches for 'bent valve') and slides with absolutely no problem.

In an ideal situation, I'd send this thing out to some adv reputable head guru who would make it sparkle, but I still have the unlikely prospect in my mind of getting it going by 6/7. I'm actually ok with pulling it apart later and sending it out as long as it doesn't explode on this trip. As far as I can tell the only problem (which may be fairly serious/I have no fix for) is that the shim bucket won't slide very well on the valve in question. There is no visible scoring or anything on the outside of the bucket or inside of the sleeve thing. the bucket appears to still be round (I know, tiny differences) so I'm not too sure where to look. I know they're not supposed to be swapped, but I tested it in the other sleeves and it slides no problem. I assume the correct answer is port and polish? I still await what lies at the bottom of that engine...

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