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650 looks great Cuttle! DOn't sweat the time it took to get it done, mine has been apart in the basement more time in the last 2 years than it has been running in good shape. I ALWAYS set to doing a task and find 5 more things that need attention. Always. These are great bikes, and once you get it going, it will be a trusted ride.
Trips to Deutchland and planning an EPIC party are legit excuses. Thank you again for the latter.

Looking FWD to seeing more of WNC!

Originally Posted by Cuttle View Post
yes I am slacking...

and I could use a few little things like a unexpected trip to Germany, and organizing a little event like the RDV, as an excuse, but mostly it was the lack of experience in finding broken bits/bearings ahead of time. Instead, every time I wanted to put my bike back together I ended up taking it more apart - and ordering/waiting for more parts

So, finally with a weekend off, I got around to it. Hardest part was to remember what goes where

had my hubby to secure a little "dodgy" bolt

and voila!!!

tomorrow I ride!
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