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Originally Posted by jachard View Post
+1 on this, CT campgrounds have a list of rules longer than any I have seen, they are horrible, so much so that I wrote a letter to the State...

No loud noises, no booze, no pets, no noisy kids, no... no... no... You get the idea. I just stealth camp in CT now, avoids the fees and Nazi camping...

True my friend, camping is definitely NOT "RV'ing" least in my book. It used to be you could go to a state campground where they offered no amenites (save the latrines), and be left alone. Now it's like you're in a concentration camp. I want peace and solitude, not people bringing their freaking entire house with them, and setting up like it's their back deck. It's even funny how here in CT the highway median strips have no trespassing signs on them. Every bit of land is either regulated or off-limits to the very tax payers who pay to maintain them. Screw the State; I'm going to start getting my tax dollars worth back whether they like it or not.
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