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Originally Posted by Jacl-Kampuchea View Post
Nice build and a fantastic bottom line too

Do you think that you may want just a bit more seat going forward? What you have looks like it might not be fun on rough stuff.

The seat foam is a really comfortable so far. It's a rubbery neoprene style foam so it absorbs shock well. I'm thinking I can add another layer (about 1cm thick) on the whole seat and still maintain the shape and look I've got.

The peg location with respect to the new thinner seat height is more of an issue. The pegs are mounted via the lower engine mount bolt and have about a 2 inch rise from there. I think I can chop and re-weld the mount so that the index that keeps them from spinning on the bolt still does its job. If I go down and back that 2 inches I think I'll be set.

Anyone know of a source for cheap steel dirt bike foot pegs that are rather large? I may end up grafting 2 sets together.
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