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Originally Posted by Entrepre-neer View Post

The biggest hurdle to progress is that I'm pretty satisfied with the bike as is (I still think I want some extra suspension) and I've got the itch to work over an old thumper. GN, SR, XR, XT.......?

And this is waiting in the garage for some love...

It's a basket case project I picked up about 6 months ago for almost free. FT500 motor in a modified CL175 frame, CB550 forks with dual disk setup, aluminum rear wheel, Clip-ons, rear sets, tiny little bike with a bigger thumper motor. No title but I think I can fix that.
1) I just cut the swingarm and inserted 100mm, but you could do that easily and insert 50mm, then match your forks to the rise. Find a fork that have heavy springs

2) Like your next project
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