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Ahh the thrills of builds/shakedowns. I'm still fighting an oil leak (last time it was "cascading" oil on the back tire...adventure bike? yeah oiled back tire is an adventure), and now I have a freakin fork seal leak that's driving me bonkers...If I ever find a company that sells guaranteed never-leak fork seals I'm gonna pop for them...did I mention I hate changing fork seals? My Goldwing got seals done about mid-season last year and one is leaking again %#%#&##$&##&$!!! And on the Goldwing by the time you notice the seal leaking, it's already soaked the damn brake pad. Some days I cuss fork seals enough I seriously consider a springer/shocked front-end!

At least it might give me an excuse to get those progressive fork springs for the XV, and I guess try some of those seal-savers. :-S I've heard good and bad with regards to the seal-savers. Some have no issues, others have them build up crud quickly and trash seals, so....
F-it...let's ride!
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