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Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
Okay, I've been back for a couple days. A ride report is in the works, but I just can't seem to generate any enthusiasm for writing it up. And I ended up taking 1,150 photos, and I don't want to go through them all. About 200 of them are pictures of my riding boots, because apparently when I turned off the camera each time, I pointed it down and clicked the picture button and the power button at the same time. So I have 200 pictures of my riding boots. Plus some pictures of the inside of my jacket pocket. Priceless.

But here are a couple things I've noticed since I've been back.

Usually, I have a desire to get back out on the road immediately and see more more more. Right now, though, the bike is in the garage and I'm not even thinking of taking another trip. Strange. Maybe this trip to was too much or too little. I can't decide which.

Second, a bike trip usually resets my frustration meter at work, meaning that little things don't bother me for at least two or three months. But I've been back at work for three days and every little stupid inconsequential thing still bothers me. Again, strange.

You seemed to have packed a great deal into a relatively short trip (time frame wise)--and got a lot of encouragement from us to do so. I think there is a lot to be gained from a trip like this and maybe it'll take some time to process it in a ride report. I know that we'd love to see your pics and hear more about your experience.

Maybe let it simmer a little?
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