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Originally Posted by dakman74 View Post
If I ever find a company that sells guaranteed never-leak fork seals I'm gonna pop for them...

I've heard good and bad with regards to the seal-savers. Some have no issues, others have them build up crud quickly and trash seals, so....
This is my first time riding a bike I've had torn down to the frame and put back together. It's a different dimension of riding when you put that kind of faith in your own wrenching ability...I still carry a pretty comprehensive tool kit.

As for fork seals I've had good luck with All Balls seals. YMMV of course.

For the seal savers get a set thet's long enough to cover the top of the fork tube all the way up to the lower tree. Also put two zip ties at each end to ensure a that dirt isn't creeping in. Zip ties are chaep so I pull them back to check them periodically.
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