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loose ends

I fixed the rear shock and motor mount bolts. I went over the whole bike making sure no external fastners are loose. Probably not the last time that will be required.

I finished wiring up my dash lights last night. The female pins from the stock harness were the same as the ones in the connectors supplied by Trail Tech (I haven't looked up the official name for these connectors) so I unclipped them from the 9-pin stock gauge cluster plug and inserted them in the new 6-pin harness. (after an hour or so of drinking beer and looking at the wiring diagram and confirming with a multimeter)

I ran two lights for the turn signals, a neutral/clutch in light, and the oil pressure light. I may combine the turn indicators and run the high beam indicator...not sure which I prefer.

The turn indicators share a common ground and seperate positive.

The neutral and oil light share a positive and two seperate grounds. This is important to note since the indicator bulbs are LED and have to have the correct polarity.

The stock flasher relay didn't work with the new LED signals so I borrowed the LED flasher relay from my KTM to test it out. BINGO! I'll throw the one I ordered back on the KTM when it comes in the mail.

I wet sanded the tank again where the gas fumes melted my masking paper into the paint. I sanded the whole tank enough to cut down on the maroon nature of that last coat of paint too. After the 400 grit wet sanding I dried it and rubbed it down with scratch remover/polishing compound. It left it with a really nice satin finish that looks sort of like vintage paint that'soxidized but has been waxed.

This post is almost worthless without pics.....

I'll get some tonight.
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