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Leslie Gulch Road

On the road to Leslie Gulch.

We stopped for a photo opportunity withÖ..a Bull Snake? It didnít have any rattles.

Leslie Gulch road.

Leslie Gulch was another great spot. The views were beautiful around every corner.

Ducati Dave enjoying the scenery.

More rock formations.

Leslie Gulch ends at Lake Owyhee. We stopped for a bit and enjoyed the views.

Heading back to camp on Leslie Gulch road.

Oregon tracks
165 miles.

Once back at camp we loaded up and headed home due to some ass clown trying to get into my house while my family was home sleeping.

Aside from that we had an awesome trip. Maybe we got lucky, but everyone in Nevada was really nice to us. There seemed to be places to ride everywhere we went. We didnít have to worry about road closed gates like we do in the Puget Sound area. Also, the weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful.

Oregon was another great place to ride. I would like to go back and spend some more time camping in the hills off of the bike and exploring the area. It was amazing to see these rock formations out amongst the miles of rolling hills.

Iím thinking that I would like to check out Alvord Desert and Steens Mountain next.

Thanks for reading my RR. If youíre interested in riding these areas and need some GPS tracks let me know.

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