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Its probably like the slow play issue in golf. They claim slow play is a big issue, but in reality I have no problem watching a pro take his time before he makes a great shot. Slow play in golf is only a problem at the amatuer level when it takes me 5 and half hours to play eighteen holes because the group in front of me is not playing ready golf, is on the phone, or can't hit the ball 200 yards if they flushed it, but when 230 yards away on a par 5 they wait until the green is clear before they play their second shot on the 1% chance they hit the shot of their life and actully get a 220 yard 3 wood to bounce on the green. Oh and almost always when they do that, they duff the next shot and it barely goes 50 yards.

The FIM is probably overeacting to a "perceived" problem, or up to something else trying to nerf the top guy, and hopefully they will go back to allowing balancing just to solve the scoring issue that the no stop rule has presented with the way it is being interpeted. I have no idea if the time riders spent balancing was excessive or a big deal in the last few years myself. But I would guess this is a total non issue for the vast majority of events and clubs outside of the very top level.
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