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Originally Posted by B-Rod View Post
So you can snap the key off in the first ten minutes of riding and never have to think about it again. I have never turned my key off. I'm more afraid of someone stealing my key and immobilizing my it than stealing the entire bike
I look at that neato alu speedo mount and key relocater,and I see another thing to get jabbed with in one of my awkward unplanned dismounts.
Anything sticking out the backside of the handlebar area could be bad for body parts.

A friend did have his entire 2012 500EXCR stolen,he had removed the key switch and did the jumper wire thing,it was only about 3 grand out of pocket for a 2013 500 by the time ins covered it. He had it parked behind his house with 0 precautionary measures.
Not a month before he had assured me his upscale neighborhood never had problems.
Some bikes around at times
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