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Originally Posted by lineaway View Post
Now which rider rode the section correctly. Stole this from the rmta thread from last weekends event. Myself watching riders struggle is not a sport.
Says the guy that changed section 4 on Saturdays local event so that the experts drug their bikes through the exit and yet the SX had the same line.

Nothing like riding a tough section and then knowing that you get to drag your bike through the exit for a nice 3.

I really don't think that no-stop is going to fly. Too much controversy and impossible to score fairly. We may as well go to olympic type judging and score on style while we are at it. The system wasn't broke. Give the riders a time limit (they did) and adjust it and the sections to keep things moving. I damn well know what a stop is, but have a hard time defining a "pause". Is it no-stop or not? A pause is a stop.




A temporary stop in action or speech.


Interrupt action or speech briefly.



break - intermission - rest - stop - interval


stop - halt

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