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Hi All,

Just a quick post purchase review.

I used the OnmiCruise on a KLR I rode from Seattle to AK at the end of May.

Product worked awesome! Easy to engage and just as easy to disengage. Performs as advertised.

I did find that due to vibration the throttle would slip a bit and need to be readjusted. I will caveat that the bike had moto style "pillow grips" and didn't exactly offer a smooth/flat surface to bite against. A minor issue to say the least. I found the best approach was to set it a bit faster than I intended and then slowly back it off until I had the speed I wanted dialed in.

This tool won't compensate for grade changes so if you're spending a lot of time both ascending and descending then you may be fiddling with it a bit.

Had a couple clients ask about it and let them give it a try on the bikes they were riding. Each rider commented on how effective it was considering the low fuss design.

I think my longest stretch was somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 miles riding no hands. A blessing when putting in 400 mile days.

Don't hesitate to give this product a try. Money well spent in my book.


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