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Amazing thread on REV'IT gear. A few questions for Anthony or anyone with experience with this gear...

I commute in San Diego and am looking for a new set of year-round gear. I'm leaning toward the Horizon jacket but am not sure what to do about pants. I leave early in the morning (6:15am) and it can be in the 40s (occasionally high 30s) and misty/foggy. By the afternoon it can be in the 70s or higher. It rains pretty rarely here so waterproofing is not a huge priority. I'm leaning toward the Horizon jacket but if something else would be better suited for the conditions I ride in, I'll take suggestions.

I've been trying to decide between one pant to do it all-- the Defender-- or the Legacy paired with the Airwave pants for warmer days. Abrasion resistance is a priority, as is the highest-quality armor. The reason I'd considered the Defender is that with the liners removed and vents open, it seems like it might not be as hot. That combined with the SAS-TEC armor seemed like a good combo. That said, I don't want to be too hot in the Defender pants if I'd be better served by two pairs rather than one. I'd appreciate any advice.

One more question about colors: is the silver in the Defender the same light grey as is used in the Horizon jacket? The colors look slightly different on the site and I can't tell and wouldn't want them to be close enough but not the same if I paired them.
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