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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
How's it coming Braden??
Bless me Father for I have modified a motorcycle. It has been 7 days since my last build update. These are my build pictures....

I've been riding more than wrenching the last week or so...where were we...

I finished wiring the new dash and signals.
Looks good and it works!

Also messed with the paint on the tank. I need a better camera and the right lighting to do it justice.

Last Thursday I had to stay late at work and got caught riding home in a downpour. Once everything was good and soaked I lost spark intermittently. Not sure if it was a bad ground to the coils or spark getting out of the plug wires. I was able to keep teh rev up and nurse it home.

All my plug wires, connectors, and the inside of my controls got a good coat of wire dryer(dielectric spray stuff..smells mostly like silicone spray). I was back in business once things dried out and my ride to work last Friday was uneventful. Hope I don't test that again but I may get teh garden hose out and give it a shower to be sure it's "fixed".

I went to Queen City Mods and Rockers Rally last Saturday with the bike. Had tons of fun! There were probably 200 motorcycles and scooters and 175 differnent makes and models. Japanese, American, Britich, Euro, etc. etc with some stock and pristine, some rat bikes, some cafe bikes, some in between and hardly any two alike!
Plus great live music and pinup girsl and roller girls and more bikes!!/QueenCit...ockers?fref=ts!/media/se...9208730&type=1!/media/se...0963098&type=1

The ride for the day went all around the Ohio river valley near Cinci. I made it through about 3/4 of the 100 mile ride and my bike wouldn't pull at one of the stoplights. Sweep crew had a volt meter. Battery was about 9 volts...damn....not charging.
Luckily the guys I went to the rally with had trailered to town so I had a ride home and didn't have to cut the party short!!!! On a good note the bike handles great on the current rubber and until the electrical gremlin it ran really strong.

I think it was just a loose fuse or connection on the relay but I'll confirm that this weekend. This past week I was working long days every day and I didn't make time to thouroughly trouble shoot.

I have a spare stator in one of the parts boxes that looks good and has the proper resistance. I'll also probably order a new reg/rec just to be on the safe side come race day.

7.1 weeks to Rally WV. The adventure continues!!!
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