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Falls of Falloch

Other stuff has got in the way of my biking recently so I haven't been out as much as I'd like. Given that the weather is superb right now, I'd like to be out all the time. But as I mentioned in the last post there the front rake is leaking fluid so that's going to have to get looked at before I go anywhere else. hopefully not a huge issue but there might not be any reports for a week or so, depending on what needs done.

Anyway for about the third time this year I left the house intending to go to Inveraray. And for the third time this year I decided against it once I was out on the road. This time the issue was time. I was having a BBQ at 6pm. I could get there and back in that time no probs but I couldn't stop for many pictures or sit down and chill out.

So I decided on the Falls of Falloch. I'm rarely on the road between Tarbet and Crianlarich as I usually head to Inveraray from Tarbet and there are better, quieter roads to get to Crianlarich. However on the few times I've been on this road I've seen signs for a waterfall and always promised I'd go look. Well this trip was as good a time as any so I headed off.

Since I don't particularly like the road up the side of Loch Lomond (from Balloch to Tarbet) so I was heading up the A84/5 to Crianlarich before turning south to the Falls.

I stopped in Crianlarich to stick the helmet cam on. The road south from Crianlarich to Tarbet is pretty nice.

A82 South:

The falls themselves are a proper hidden gem. The car park is tiny (handy for keeping the crowds away) and there's a short walk along a path before you find yourself in your own Herbal Essences advert. It's like an actual tropical lagoon in Scotland. Sadly there were no scantily dressed models in this lagoon, just a family who thought it was best to spread all their stuff over the rocks meaning people (me) had to step over it to get about.

They weren't being particularly loud though, which is a pet hate, so that wasn't so bad.

The Falls of Falloch:

I sat there for a bit thinking that it'd be a cool place to hang out with a few friends and a great place to hang about with some bikini models. But I was due home for food at 6 so I headed off. A nice lady in a camper van gave me some water as I was sweating profusely in my gear (it actually gets hot here sometimes).

Despite my moans about the A82 beside Loch Lomond, you do get some cracking views of the loch at times.

Loch Lomond:

Southern tip of the loch

I stopped at one of the beaches along the loch for a bit. It's also a cool/great place to hand out with friends/models but isn't hidden at all. The car park is always busy and the beach isn't much better. It was starting to cool down though so there weren't too many people by the water.

Firkin Point:

The road home from here is pretty straight forward. I'd done it a load of times. So I decided to shake things up a bit by heading down a road I'd never been on before. And I'm glad I did. It was the road to Aberfoyle and it was pretty good. I was further waylaid when the road from there home was shut and I was diverted to Callendar. It was also a great wee road that I'd never been on before.

It started off with me turning round a corner to be confronted by a huge articulated lorry halfway onto my side of the road. He moved back in when he saw me but never quite got all the way back.

He was a bit further over when I first saw him than in this picture but this is when the picture cleared up.


Things improved from there though and I found a lovely, twisty and smooth road that I'll definitely need to re-visit.


And home just in time for some salad.

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