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Originally Posted by trailjammer View Post
Is it a cover you don't need for a while? I appreciate the offer. I'm a little back logged right now. I need to make 3 new case savers. They take a while to make the mold. I'll keep you in mind. I'll also take a closer look to see how feasible it is. It's got a weird shape. Thanks!
Yea it's the one some mean rock jammed my skid plate into and poked a hole in. Not much damage to it actually, it was leaking about a drop every 2 days but I had enough and replaced it. You can take it for as long as you need. Let me know where to send it and I'll get it on it's way Monday morning. For the most part it only needs to be a disc like the clutch protectors with a notch cut out for the wire section, much like the oil fill notch on your clutch protector, which I would also want. You can see where the skid plate hit it on the left and where the gear shift has scored it on the right. Both areas are trouble but other than that you would have to really work at breaking it and Im sure nothing would protect it at that point.

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