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Originally Posted by atokad View Post
Sorry to hear that. Maybe a SAT phone would be good to have so that you can personally tell them how bad the air evac is needed?
That is a good idea too, but just because the caller says it is needed, doesn't mean they'll fly. They're not flying unless they get a request from a medical professional - that isn't likely to happen until said medical professional is on scene... Also they're probably not landing without a said professional on the ground with a verified safe landing zone. But the information you give by that call can make a huge difference in the response that follows.

And again, just because a medical professional requests them does not mean they'll actually come (availability, weather, landing zone, etc are all potential red lights). We recently had one example of a badly burned individual at my workplace, which happens to be rather remote location, but with a team of first responders on site. We even have an established safe landing zone on site. Life flight was definitely warranted, and was requested by the first responders within minutes of the event. However, the helicopter could not take off due to fog. So it was a long wait for the ambulance, followed by a series of long ambulance rides between hospitals. Sometimes the best option is not an option...

The absolute best thing you can do if you plan to ride in remote areas, is ride with partners and get some medical training of your own (first aid & CPR at a minimum, first responder even better). Be prepared to stabilize yourself (if you can) or riding partner(s) while you wait for help. And be prepared to wait a LONG time. The upside is if you're a first responder, you can call for med flight.
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