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Well....the Monzas spaghetti 32mm forks were pitted and the cartridge stuffed, as were the bicycle cup and cone steering bearings that are bike specific and expensive.
It nearly became a blanky bike ( pushed into the corner ).
Unfortunately its hard to move bikes with no front suspension so on the lift it stayed....and stayed.....
My Engineer made me a few bits and I found some bits on Ebay as the local Guzzi guy has bugger all V50 stuff.
Picked up a set of 35mm forks that by good luck came with the triple clamp with longer pin.
Engineer made me a cup/cone/Taper conversion, using some drawings off the net done by an Aussie bloke.

Now the forks are 20mm wider spacing than the discs need to be spaced out.

Of course the axle was longer.....Ebay again......even found some Konis for it.
Engineer knocked me up a new spacer for the axle....

Bunged in the battery, hooked up the wiring and it started. Checked all the bits I had changed and took it for a spin.

I did not have any 35mm clip ons and scope creep had set in.....ah made up some spacers and the top clamp had handlebar fittings so used a set of bars I had lying around.

Test ride was ok, it seems to have intermittent ignition issues, I think the 30 year old ND coils need replacing.
Engine is mechanically quiet, the gearbox shifts nicely and the front end is nice and firm, the rears are still the originals that I took apart cleaned and refilled with 10wt fork oil.
Next job is fit the fairing and get all the lights working, then its new tyres and off to get tested.
Once I get that, probably take the final drive apart and see if it needs the bolt upgrade.
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