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Originally Posted by Dahveed View Post

I personally know Beemer Bob and here is his thoughts on SPOT. Forgive me if this is 205.

If you're too lazy to read this, it basically says it took a long time to get help due to the ground resources. Bob is still a believer in SPOT because they did exactly what they said they would do.
I had read most of what Bob had on his blog in this thread:

His conclusions about the SPOT were accurate and Informative. The rants he made there and in other places about the incompetence of local search and rescue were uncalled for. I am pretty sure that the average income in McKinley County where he crashed is less than the cost of his GS.

You are 100% right about self reliance. Need to find me some doctor friends to ride with....MD kind of doctors not PhD kind like I ride with now.
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