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Hi Joe! First of all, I have to say WOW! Thank god you walked away from this with just a bruise. Well, maybe two bruises? Physical and maybe pride? Thank for sharing your experience with us all and hopefully I have used your story to convince my family to throw in SPOT as part of christmas shopping list as I prepare for my RTW.

2 months before your crash, I climbed up that hill with just one hand! Before the creek bed (after swasey cabin), I had a bad crash I injured my left hand and warped the handlebar with right end moved forward and left end pushed backward. It was difficult for me to steer the bike with one hand on a messed up handlebar riding through sandy creek bed (I noticed it was a bit solid in your video because it rained pervious day the dirt was a bit solid?) Once I made it out of the pass I was so thrilled I screamed my lung out as if I had just won because doing that with one hand on a warped handlebar was no easy feat.

With all the debates about technique riding.. Well, sometime the riding technique doesn't mean nothing when you hit certain point of being in a tough situation. It is easy to say what was done wrong when you should do this or that but it is a whole different ballgame when a person is in middle of a rough riding.. From the look at your video, you apparently almost lose control when you went cross first rock you were holding onto the handlebar then on second bump, you made a hard left turn so you don't crash into the wall on your right you had no choice but to attempt to balance yourself and your bike by going straight(over the cliff) and probably pick up a little on throttle (which is a common rule of maintaining the speed when making a left or right turn or at curve). I believe you were in unavoidable situation that none of the off-road training school can help you with. Other option would be to just crash right there without going over the cliff but I believe that is usually the option many riders don't want to consider.

Please note that I have read up to Page 14 so I missed the rest of the debate up to this point. I'm just glad you were fortunately enough to walk away with just a bruise. I'll heed the advice if I ever walk away from accident like this to buy lottery ticket right away, and if I win I shall donate partial of funds to ADVrider.
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