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Originally Posted by ZLTFUL View Post
We lost a good one this weekend.

RIP my friend.
Very sorry for your loss. That sucks.

I know events like this make you question your own life. I know my wife shoves such events in my face whenever she can. But, here's how I see it. My Mom was petrified that my Dad would die before her leaving her issues she would be unable to handle, like a farm. She died in a hospice at 72 from a heart blockage that destroyed her brain. I had to convince my family members that it was time to let her go and to stop the life-sustaining efforts.

My Dad was petrified of dangerous things all his life and considered things like unnecessary travel and exploration as foolish endeavors. He died at 77 in a nursing home after a severe stroke left him a jumble of random thoughts. I had to make the decision to stop feeding him through his G-tube to end his suffering.

After the experiences I've had with my parents, I believe I'd much rather die doing what I love. I would bet your friend felt the same.

And if any of you inmates here find me mumbling in a nursing home one day, please put me on a bike and point me towards a high cliff.
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