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I know I am very late to this thread, but...

I want a rig of some sort, and there will be one in my relatively near future (as I get settled in a new area, and new job). I want a hack to go camping, take my dog, and eventually do a long adventure (My dream is to get absolutely lost on the TAT).

I do not have a ton of money, but I do ok.

My options are a new Ural, a used Ural, or a used non-Ural rig. I can not afford, nor do I have the time, to do a fully custom dual sport rig. I'd love a great DS rig, but how often do used ones come up for sale?

I decided to torture myself with the thread, and I will admit, for the first several pages, I was seriously upste because I sort of have my heart set on a Ural.

However, as I read and read and read (I haven't finished the thread, I don't have THAT much time on my hands), I started to get more confident. I've had problems on my previous bikes. Some are known issues that have been known issues for the entire life cycle of the model! Why should Ural problems be any worse? I am a member of a forum dedicated to one of my other bikes, and it also has a "Wrenching" section that would make you think they explode spontaneously if you look at them funny.

So, thank you Bokad, for convincing me...that I absolutely want a Ural.
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