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Originally Posted by Pampero View Post
Hey Ian,

Just stumbled on this here. No surprise of course, since I was in the know on that other forum, but it's always pleasant to bump into an old friend in an unexpected place.
G'day mate. Wondered who you were over here.

Update. After a couple of weeks in Thailand, I finally got the OK from my Aussie doc to ditch the damn leg brace. Things started to improve quicker after that. I sorted out the muscle cramping with plenty of massage visits and more water therapy.

I've ditched the crutch unless stairs are involved... or for long walks. This was my first long walk... a road trip to a war memorial site and associated army camps in NE Thailand.

The automatic scooter in Chiang Mai was perfect for getting around. Not sure if I'm up to riding a full size bike yet though. Its 3 months in a couple of days.... haven't driven a car yet, but reckon I can (have to do a 400 km drive on Monday)

I flew back to Oz from Thailand yesterday - still a tough trip the way the leg is... 20 1/2 hours with three flights as close together as I could manage.

I've got a very severe limp still. I'll be working to eliminate that from now on.
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