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Originally Posted by PFFOG View Post
Well as an Engineer, I do agree, but the single most important thing for getting a motorcycle around a turn in a safe manner is not analysis of the inputs, but VISION. As I said the Brain will figure it out as long as it receives the correct goal. We all have had, or seen target fixation, and it is a leading cause of crashes, IMHO. And in target fixation what happens?? You go WHERE you were LOOKING, so proper analysis says if I look where I want to go, I will get there.

Vision is where it is at when it comes time to navigate around a corner.
The problem is that riding is not natural to our brains, we have to re-program that computer with understanding and practice; .....well with practice only for some.

Vision is the input, the brain is the processor and the muscles are the output.
Vision can be correct, but if something fails in any of the other two steps, we go down.

You can or not understand the technique, but the quickness of the two last steps during an emergency situation (all SRs are sparking like firework and we forget right from left) will match precision only if we have spent enough time re-program that computer and those muscles to do the right thing at the wrong moment.

Unfortunately, many riders have been pushing the left grip in a desperate attempt to steer away from a danger coming fast from their left side.
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