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I do get anxious. Traffic freaks me out. I know how to handle it, I am a good driver, but the street is not the track and the strategies I would use to handle traffic on the track do not work on the street. I do not get bothered by the size of my car - I drive a very low Golf III. It is not exactly huge. It is very slow (TDi), but so is my bike.

If I lived somewhere where there was no ice, I would seriously consider giving up driving and only using the cars for track work.

The bike alleviates all of the issues because of manoeverability and visual field. For me, it is like being on the track, only with traffic signals. So like driving on the Nordschleife.....

Like GoUglyEarly, I mitigate by driving stick and riding whenever possible. I leave early, keep my eye on Google traffic, and remind myself that whatever I am headed to is still going to be there. Having live traffic on the phone or navi helps me a lot.

Of course, if I was on the bike.....
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