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Originally Posted by TINK View Post
So, you've lost a turn signal lens screw and you local BMW dealer tells you they are no longer available...

You start with the local hardware store, move up to the specialty hardware suppliers (Hillco for example), but no joy on a M3.5 "fine thread" x 25mm machine screw.

Next you turn to the web, and you find several sources but they want $3 / screw + shipping, Sheesh Boo Boo.

Put on your thinking caps... who might have a M3.5 fine x 25 machine screw!?

Dubro to the rescue! Yes, Dubro part #2274 is what the Dr. ordered. You get four (4) screws for under $2.00 (you do the math ;-)

Sure, purists won't like the fact that the Dubro screw is an Alan head and black oxide, too bad, go ahead and spend your money on those $3 + shipping screws and have a nice day.

Oh, ya, and if you're looking for a substitute for the BMW washer for the turn signal lens screw, this Honda part fit's perfectly.

Or you could convert to M4 x .7 and have your choice of nice stainless screws for cheap.

BTW, I did a thread on rust treatments for screws. That black oxide doesn't last long, and then looks like hell. Baked on Linseed oil over the black oxide looks just as black and seems to be extremely durable. Touch up the oil inside the hole after installation and just let it dry.
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