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And here's today. We rode Carson, which was pretty awesome. We rode right by the spot where we had the first ADV event, Hope Valley. That was pretty cool.

While we were heading up today, Tina was playing roving SAG, same as yesterday. Yesterday, one of our guys took a tumble up near one of the lakes and needed to get SAGged back down to Markleeville. It was a great thing Tina was around; she got him down to town, where the wife of one of my team members took a look at him. She's a doctor, so she assessed him and off he went in the ambulance. He's OK today, but he went down hard.

Today's descent from Carson was pretty thrilling. I don't believe I've ever gone that fast that long on a bicycle. At the bottom of the hill, where we turned right, I was carrying a ton of speed and just kicked it up the next hill. I was about halfway up when I finally had to shift down out of top gear and get back in the saddle for the rest of the climb.

It was great. On Death Ride, this is the pass with the ice cream, so the objective is to get there before they run out!


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