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Wow....lower crash bars WORK!!!

Installed a set of the lower bars last weekend....then found myself sliding my GSA across an intersection this weekend. The only damage??? new lower bars! Holy Crap they saved my GSA!!
The pic isn't my GSA but the one they show on ebay...I laughed when I saw the pic and told myself..."yea right"! Thumbs up to these bars!!

2 other reason my GSA didn't get total rash:
1- my body and boot between it and the injuries...just need a new set of boots!
2- I didn't have my bags on. I don't thing there would have been anything to save those.

Final comment.... thumbs up to the bro on youtube showing me how to pick up my bike. I have no idea why but I watch it about 6 months ago. Sure came in handy!. I'm only 5'7" 150lbs...and she stood up easy.
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