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Bicycle hooligans?

Britain is known for it's soccer hooligans, now it appears that bicyclists have followed suit. From a post on the UKGS forum today:

Originally Posted by att View Post
[Cyclists] in London are playing with fire.
They have stooped to new depths in their fight against lorries.
They have been pushing the trailer brake button on trailers, this stops the driver from driving off at traffic lights, as he has to get out of the cab to release the brakes, but more worryingly, some cyclists have been trying to pull the pin that keeps the trailer attached to the unit.

I foresee lots of cyclists injured, as drivers beat the shit out of them

Won't be long before one is crushed under the wheels of the trailer though, as the button for the brake is usually just in front of the rear wheels and you have to reach under the trailer to operate it I know what I would do
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