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Good seeing you at the races spdjnky. Your kids race sounds somewhat similar to mine, though I didn't have anyone pick up my bike for me.

I had a crap start. I'm pretty sure I was last or 2nd to last off the line. Only perk there was that I was able to snake around the bottleneck in the first turn. I was pushing best I could, though could not get in a good groove. I just wasn't flowing well. I passed a good number of people in the following laps, but at about 30 minutes in I lost my rear and had a heck of a spill. Almost called it quits at that point, especially after I saw all the guys I had passing by me. I figured that would be weak and motored on, until I had to stop and take a leak. I rode a bit better after that.

The mini endurocross section was definitely not something I was expecting. As the race went on, I found I did better and better through the creek section. I found I could easily pass people there as I'd pick a point to go to and gas it, pick a point, gas it until the end.

I gotta say that my 1 major issue with FVOR is their scoring system. In all the years I've been racing there, they have yet to figure out how to have a functional system. They make yah have a transponder, and their display never works for the riders, so you have absolutely no clue where you're at position wise in a race. I know they've been working on updating things with it, but I guess you'd think after several years they've have something sorted out. Maybe something like a good deal others use like Moto-Tally where you results are directly put online n such. \rant

It's time I make sure that 250F is raceable. The WR450F is nice and good, but the thing had to have been pushing 270#+ with all the mud caked on it by the end of the race. I suppose more time on the rower wouldn't hurt either.

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