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Father's Day ride fail.
I failed to ride on father's day.
But, I did get up early, make breakfast and watch MotoGP warm up.
Then my wife and I drove to south county got GPS lost and found. Bought a table for her to re-make into a home desk. Then found a quiet place for lunch at noon exactly.
It's like I'm retired on weekends! I get hungry at noon, and five.
Then back home to clean up the garage so my wife could play with the table project and I would have room for the "Move The TV Project" next weekend.
That involved filling one recycling bin with cut up cardboard boxes.
Saved the big pieces for garage work, but ran out of room before I got to the bicycle frame box.

By the time I got done assembling the last of the clothes racks, (Two daughters and a wife. do the math)
I had sweated through my clothes and was leaving puddles of sweat when I sat on the concrete floor. Yes, it was warm in the garage. I retired to the couch for a bit to re-hydrate and watch the MotoGP race.

Then prepped stuff for dinner, cause it was Father's Day so the grilled had to be fired up.My wife then told me she had to drive to Long Beach to pick up the oldest daughter from the airport.
Hmm, dinner delayed.
I know! Moto2, and Moto3!
Nobody talked the entire time.
I finally gave up and grilled the chicken and put aside to rest, figuring if they didn't get home soon, I'd just eat alone.

Plane was late, wife took a wrong turn... Dinner finally at 9PM.
Got to bed way too late, but will get a ride in tonight.
Short one though.
As of Saturday I'm over 500 miles since getting home from Arizona in May.
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