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What is it with these morons on the wrong freakin side of the road? Now, I'm just some cheesehead rider from Green Bay, done most of my 225,000 miles plus riding in Wisconsin and the midwest, but even I can easily handle the Dragon. We have some hairpin turns in Wisconsin. Not easy to find, but we got em.

Now, I have not ridden the Dragon on a bike, but I did do it in a rented Mustang back in 2000. A Tuesday night, had the whole thing to myself, cept for one Chrysler that waved me past, and on couple on a Hawg. They also waved me past because he could NOT lean the bike even five degrees off verticle.

The little Mustang was howling through the turns! I did the entire Dragon in 2nd gear (automatic), and a few times I saw 70 on the speedo. What a hoot! But not once did I have to use the opposite lane to manage the turns. Cherahola Parkway was a nice drive too, Bob Seger blasting on the stereo, sun roof open, what a night driving back into Knoxville during a lightning storm.
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