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No car/truck since 1990. I do drive friends cars now and then. But as a passenger when friends drive, man, do I notice how bad their driving is. It doesn't do any good to tell them either, I have, but they just keep it up. I know 2 of them will have a certain kind of accident, hopefully when I'm not with them. Crass to say, but they are not taking any advice - what can you do?

As far as traffic and locus of control issues: Last week coming back from a hike the traffic got (predictably) bad on the freeway, stop and go. The same driver and spouse as above driver decide surface streets, up into the hills and back down. Very clever they think. I know, know, it will take 40 minutes vs 15 minutes, even on the clogged highway. They will not have it. Off we go. Half way in the hills the driver says "shit, I'm running out of gas (to make it better, its diesel). "I only have 2 miles left". No good to tell them, hey, we just climbed a big hill/mountain, its calculating off of that. What do they do? They cut short their short cut and, to them, barely make into town and then spend 15 minutes looking for diesel - all the while the computer is saying 4,5,7 miles left, counting up. Total time for "I beat the (15 minute) traffic jam": 1 hour.
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