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Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post
I didn't quite make the connection that Ara was over here; I've been chatting with him through mutual friends and through Facebook but it's great reading his thread. In fact, I just mentioned Ara to another inmate a day or so ago.

Ara, don't let the buffoons get you down. There are a bunch of old phartes that are just simply unhappy and trying to catch up now that they are retired, and some younger kids (damned 40 year olds ) that are equally clueless. I've been catching flack myself from some silly asshats that don't like my ideas on riding and documenting my Mexican stuff and all that I can say is tell 'em to bite ya.

When you are public, or outspoken, or a recognized expert in any area the wannabees come out of the wood work. That's just the way of life.

And they have no idea how hard you work to put together the photography and other materials that you show. Your friends, on the other hand, understand.

So screw the critics, and carry on. You doing good!
Thank You! You are so right.

“Wasatch~Cache National Forest” [Utah]

The open roads once again welcome us lining the path toward those steps, the ones of grieving I will one by one climb surely as I have before. Two months has gone by which only feels as it has been as a blink of an eye. The fog of these past weeks is slowly rising to make way of a canvas “Mother Nature” and deserted roads are generous with for the tired mind and soul. Spirit is back by my side with now his bell on, a sound so sweet as he is himself. We are headed North, from Colorado to Utah and now in Idaho towards Portland where “Crusty” will be fitted with some new shocks much needed for off road riding in a bit of a smoother fashion. The Mountains at elevations above Bear Lake are a new find for us criss crossed by miles and miles of unpaved roads and welcoming camp spaces free for the taking. Peaceful, silent, everything we missed these past weeks is now again here adapting toward such an unexpected turn of events. “Adapting” being the key word as everything else in Life seemingly is. Much sleep, riding, cooking, seems all is on the menu for these present days.
More on the Journal.

Till next time...

Ara and Spirit

7ht Year, the Stars, living under them… The Journal
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