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they're definitly old bikes for sure, but with a carb rebuild and a good cleaning, it'll purr nicely. as long as the CDI doesn't act up. i gotta say these bikes are so versitile, i can't believe they haven't risen from the dead already for the next generation.

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So video didn't turn out. I had mounted it to the front rack of my wife's Kodiak and now I know why everyone does a helmet mount. I will rig up a helmet mount for the next outing. The video was so shakey it was impossible to watch. That and 90% of it was just a dust trail.

The BW200 did good in the sand and the trails but the silencer is missing so that was the main issue there. The BW350 well it looked great in the pictures but once I got a closer look at it I think I paid a little to much for what I got. The carb was half clogged, starter is broke, the chain broke at one point and snapped off part of the engine case but no leaks, the clutch needs adjusted, it needs new break shoes, no kick stand, kick start lever has been twisted around, and by the end of the 2nd ride the idle was really high.

All that aside it was a great day. Although my Dad somehow managed to ignore all the issues with it and ride it like he stole it. I however spent the whole time on it just trying to keep it shinny side up. I obviously need more two wheel dirt riding experience. I've always been two wheels on the street and four off road. I will be going through the video tonight to see if I can grab some stills and snap a few photos of them in the stable.
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