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Awesome rebuild. I can truly say i learned a ton from reading that so thank you for doing it. I'm curious how much you think you might have spent on the rebuild. My current situation is a little different than yours, but there are some similiarities as well. I have never owned a motorcycle, but I do like tinkering. A lot of the parts, tools, etc that you used I'm unfamiliar with but the pictures helped out a good deal. I found a 2008 KLR on craigslist. It too has a bad motor with 12k miles on it. Apparently it was run out of oil and the ad claims it just needs a new head etc. He claims nothing else is wrong with it. He wants 1300 for it. If I can get him down below 1k for the bike, I'm curious if i would be able to get this thing back together and running for another 1000. I too am worried about the lower half of the motor, not just the head. I know the 08's were notororious for burning through oil. I also wonder if there are any other potential issues with the bike that could cost me later down the road. I would def. want to do the 685 cc kit as I guess there would be no reason not to. It seems a little overwhelming now only b/c I haven't yet got any experience with this. 1000 though for a bike that just needs a top end doesn't seem bad at all though and I do have a hangar where I can work on the bike. Here is the ad and thanks for the help.
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