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Originally Posted by RidingDonkeys View Post
What never made sense, not once, is why BMW kept Husky NA in Corona, CA in the first place. BMW NA is based out of NJ. They probably could have saved a lot of corporate overhead by combining operations. I imagine that KTM has seen this, and will be doing the same. Distributing parts from East to West is also much cheaper than vice versa. It's just logistics.

If I'm Stefan Pierer, there would be no way I'd keep Husky NA in Corona. That would be very bad business, and I imagine that we will see it re-emerge somewhere else.
I work less than 2 miles from the Husqvarna corporate office, have been there a few times (to check out the Baja concept bike, to see the introduction of the Terra and Strada, and to return the rubber footpeg inserts I accidentally took home with me from the Terra introduction ).

In my best estimation, the corporate office is only about 4000 square feet at the most and has probably a dozen employees, for sure less than 20.

Corona is very much in the heart of the off road industry, I think.

I wonder what the Husqvarna sales volume within 150 miles of Corona CA is compared to within 150 miles of BMW's HQ in NJ? The KTM sales volume?

Their corporate HQ seems to be in a perfect location for Husqvarna.

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