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I get back to the US in two weeks. I think I am going to put down a deposit on a FZ09.

I have been looking for an upgrade to my ninja 500. I was taking a long look at the Ninja 1000/Z1000, CB1000R and the FZ8. At first I was not too stoked about any of these because of the weight. I don't want a bike that weighs more than the Ninja 500 at 440lbs wet. I am spoiled by my light supermoto I guess...

I had this magic number of specs in my mind for the next bike, but nothing seemed to have it. I wanted sub 440lbs wet, naked/no plastics, ~100hp+, ~55 lb-ft+, a reasonable seating position (with legs not super bent) and a good price.

It seems like the FZ has everything I want, if not more. I got really excited when I saw the price new.

Nobody is pointing out that this bike has a more relaxed seating position than the Street Triple. On paper the leg room on the ST looks worse than my Ninja 500, which after 100 miles is super painful for me. (I am 6ft, 32inch inseam) The main reason I am going to sell the ninja is that the bike is just too small for me to ride any real distance. Also, the street triple is a great bike, but I worry I will be too uncomfortable on it.

It seems many guys on this forum setup their fz6's to be a bit like a 'lite' sport touring bike. I don't see why the FZ-09 would not be as good. Put a screen and bags on it. You might also need a seat, but I could see this being awesome once you hit any road that has turns in it. The FZ09 will have lightyears more torque down low than the fz6 ever did.

I can ignore the looks, which I think are OK in black. Other than polarizing looks, this seems like almost the perfect street/commute bike. It has a great seating position, wide bars and a narrow chassis. Good real-world useable power and a really low MSRP. There is not many bikes in the US market that fit the bill, even less at a sub $10,000 MSRP.

The fz09 seems to me like the only budget 'sporty' bike that is a step up from a SV650/Ninja 650 with good power and a reasonable seating position.

I know you guys lust for more, but for a guy like me thats looking to upgrade from his beginner bike I am excited. It seems like Yamaha read my mind when they made this bike.
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