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Originally Posted by OldRoadToad View Post
Your remark regarding the Starley Dolt is better represented by some one of a lesser IQ than you sir. You know, the disillutioned brain dead Dolt owner (of which there are few) still trying to convince themselves they are hip for not getting what they wanted, i.e., a Harley Sportster.

They would drown in even the shallow end of the gene pool. So then, did you and the rest of the Sycophants of Starley actually buy a Dolt yet? Hmmmmmmm....?

And yes, your silly unsubstantiated comments quoted above more than merited a corrosive but humourous reply. Allow me to put some thing in to perspective:

It is one thing to play the devil's advocate and quite another to put your money where you gums flap.

Have a care, I am in a mood. And for the record, this new Yamaha is very nice. Not a cheapo copy of anything. I think it may sell well enough to entice Yamaha to do more with the platform. Or at the least release an ABS version for those too afraid to ride with out it.

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