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I actually have no questions on the subject. I've been on a motorcycle since I was 3 and I'm now 43. You only said exactly what I said but in a long drawn out explanation. Now you want to throw in the rest of it. I'm talking about STEERING, thought I read that somewhere in the thread title.

Another thing to add.
I have a son who was 10 at the time and had only been on a quad and never on a bicycle. I decided to put him on the tank of the dirt bike and go for a spin. I asked if he wanted to drive and let him go for it. Going very slow he did like he did on the quad and turned into the intended direction. Once he figured out the throttle and got going a bit he leaned to the right but turned to the right as well causing us to go left. Just couldn't wrap his head around it and we spent about a half hour trying, no amount of explanation was going to make it happen. The quad had him brainwashed. I even put my hands over top of his hands so he could feel me push the bar into the intended direction. Not happening. Got him a small bicycle the next day and took the pedals off so he wasn't trying to learn two things at once. While coasting along slow he got it. If he got to the point where that didn't work anymore, the bike went one way and he went the other. That took an hour to fix with no input from me and he was good to go. Back on the tank and we drove around all day. Next week he had a crf50 of his own. Some things you can explain all day with little science experiments and diagrams but really just get somewhere safe and get your head out of the experience. I can't think of one time in my life I had a thought about how I was going to get my bike while on the street or in the dirt where I needed it to go and its because I was too young to remember being taught , if I even was. It's got to be second nature, if it's not please don't play in traffic. Your brain can learn things without explanation and probably most of the motor skills you posses today were learned by doing.
This is the best and most comprehensive post of the entire thread.
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