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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
Yours are prettier than mine. Tell me about the Ballard.
The Ballard started life as a standard #9 Union Hill, made in 1883. It was setup as a black powder cartridge rifle (BPCR) competition gun by Ron Long before I purchased it. It has a .45-70 Ron Long barrel with Montana Vintage globe front (with spirit level) and long-range Soule rear sight with a Hadley eye cup. Ron also replaced the original single trigger with an original Ballard #8 double set trigger. I got it in the early '90s. I had the action charcoal case color hardened by the Ballard factory in Cody, Wyoming. Interestingly, Ron Long was working there at that time and enjoyed seeing the rifle again. I had also got a gorgeous block of wood with it and had that stock made (saved the original stock, of course). I cast my own 505gr bullets and loaded with Goex black powder. It shot well under a MOA and was a wonderful competition shooter. Unfortunately, I sold it in a moment of weakness several years ago to someone who wanted it more than I did after I drifted away from shooting competitions. I'm still black and blue from kicking myself for that decision.
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