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Originally Posted by VegasKLRider View Post
I had a target rifle with a 6 oz trigger and I could never get the results that I can with a 2.5# trigger. The muscle twitches caused by changing from extensor muscles to flexors are more pronounced than adding slightly more stress to flexors in my case.
I used to aim the rifle while it was bags, shoulder it, close the bolt and put my finger on the trigger guard. Then I'd slowly move my finger back until I could feel trigger contact. Once there, I would just sort of roll my finger on the guard until I got the bang.

I'm sure bench-rest shooters could critique my home-brewed method, but I was just popping squirrels at 300yd, not gunning for 0.013" groups.

My current rimfire match rifles are in the 3# range and I like that a bit better since we shoot from so many positions.
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