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06Jun13. Jaco Beach Pt. III: The Return

D-Day; this seems an appropriate time to publicly thank all the service men and women of past, present and future. I know there are “a few” of you out there so again, thanks for my freedom and some great RR’s as well.

This here RR is going ADD for a moment as I would like to share the story of my father. No, he wasn’t on Omaha Beach in 1944, he was in Vietnam in 1968. He arrived in February and his tour abruptly ended on 05Oct around noon. He was the SP4 Flight Engineer on a CH-47 Chinook in 179th Assault Support Helicopter Company. Details are a tad hazy, but the story follows. Earlier in the day the pilot made a very hard landing and nearly crashed. They took the chopper back to base to give it a look-over. After some lunch they proceeded to take off on another run. Only this time, roughly 30 to 40 feet off the ground the front rotor threw one of its blades and FUBAR.

Once the blade was tossed the front engine assembly was so off balance it tore the cockpit section loose of the rest of the machine (1st pic). The rear section of the chopper then rolled as it crashed to the ground. My father’s position had him posted at one of the doors which likely saved his life. He was flung out that door in place of going down inside of the chopper’s body. He didn’t pay the ultimate price, but sustained 3rd degree burns over 50% of his body. His right leg is one fused bone from his hip to his ankle and an inch or two shorter than the original design.

So to my dad and all those have and will serve, thank you .

Now back to 2013 and D-Day which is also my son’s birthday. He is two now. Unfortunately we couldn’t spend the rest of our lives here in Jaco sticking to this gruesome schedule of pool, eat, drink, pool, sleep and repeat. It had to end, but not without bleeding every last drop of blood from this turnip. So after breakfast (included) it was back in the pool; checkout wasn’t for a few hours.

Morgan’s Cove gets a thumbs up in my book. Cool spot and a real bargain when booking online.

Checkout at 1200 and at 1204 we were off to the bus stop for tickets, some lunch and I had to eventually get to class.

Dad, wife and son scheduled for departure at 1300, I hopped on the DR at 1242 and took off with 139.8 kms on the dash. About 30 minutes North of Jaco you cross the Tarcoles river. Worth the stop if it is feasible. Safe parking next to the coppers who are generally parked in the shade at the South end of the bridge.

Those crocs appear to be well fed.

It was hotter than two rats f*cking in a wool sock so I did not stick around long. Once back on the bike is was only 20 minutes more before I exited the highway into Orotina and turned due North to San Mateo.

Since they opened the new Hwy 27 the old route know to locals as the Aguacate and seen on maps as Rt#3 is deserted.

Nicely paved mountain twisties all to myself.

With dark clouds looming above I thought surely I would end up in them, but I didn't get high enough.

As I topped out and started heading down into the Central Valley I saw the Grey Wall.

I thought maybe it would be an isolated storm, not on my path and continued on.

No such luck. As the drops began to fall I sought shelter under this bus stop to bundle up.

At 1420 and the tachometer reading 220 kms for the total trip I was home. Unfortunately I had to grab my books and head back into the storm. Turns out it was a nasty one and I drove right into it determined to make it to class. A commute which takes 30-40 minutes turned into 2 hours, only to be turned away. School closed due to storm damage and flooding. It only took an hour and a half to get home though the aftermath. Now I wasn’t lucky enough to get hailed on but this video will give you the gist of what I drove through:

1920 and alive to ride another day. I also got to prove nothing is waterproof.

Rida another day? Like this little 100+/- km loop, my next RR from yesterday…

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