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Originally Posted by Goran69 View Post
+1..that would be it.....nothing more


Look where you WANT to go!!

I was at an off road down hill bicycle race last weekend, basically a motocross using gravity as the engine, these guys navigate deep ruts , loose rocks, roots off camber slopes, tight turns and jumps at speeds of 45 mph.

When they get kicked off line by any of the above, how do they know how and what kind of input to put into the bars?? They are looking where they want to GO, and practice, practice, practice fined tuned their REACTION (note I didn't say cognitive actions).

YES if you turn a single track vehicle you counter steer, but at some point you then turn into the turn, it magically happens, without thought and explanation and has been done for a little over a century and a half.

Enough talk, go ride and become an expert at counter steering.
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