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Maybe Honda has figured it out...

I'm one of the few DN-01 owners who like that bike... bought mine new in '11 at just over $8K, and for that price it was a good deal. I've taken a couple of long day trips on mine, but the real sweet spot is around-town riding. It is my commuting vehicle of choice, or for any riding that I don't actually have to be on the interstate. What kills me is the wind blast; it's very fatiguing after a couple of hours with the factory windshield. But, what a super-easy bike to ride.

The CTX700N is basically the same bike, with a different auto transmission, a motor that isn't quite as powerful but gets significantly better mileage, and a chain drive instead of a shaft. IMO the DN-01 looks higher-end; Honda did a great job with the bodywork/detailing if you like that sort of thing. I think there is a market for new, older riders, who want an easy-handling motorcycle that isn't scary. My current long distance bike is a Yamaha FJR1300AE, but I would never have bought this bike without having gotten some experience on the DN-01. The FJR isn't an easy bike for new riders, and it isn't easy for short riders either.

I'd like to ride a CTX and see if I like it, but what I really want Honda to do is to bring the VFR1200 Crosstourer DCT to the USA. Or, better yet, create a parallel 3-cylinder version of the engine in the CTX, and offer a scaled-up 1000cc version with DCT, dual brakes, and bigger hard panniers. That would make a great tourer... a mini-Gold Wing. But, I can't see myself trading in my DN-01 for what is essentially the same bike, at the same new price.
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