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Originally Posted by MookieBlaylock View Post
au contraire, a 340 lbs bike can make joe average feel like a hero in the desert, i miss my 530 sometimes
My point is we can "dual-sport" and "adventure" on ANY bike....some bikes are better suited to particular we are agreeing that one bike is better than another in certain conditions....

I have a 450, a 690 and a GS1100.....and try to pick the right tool for a particular job....and I find adventure on each bike. I have toured on the 450 and 690, but have stopped single-track bush-bashing with the 1100

If I had to pick one bike for the rest of my life, it might be the just changes how much crap I pack for trips longer than one day.

I met a British guy at Tecate one time who was on a Honda 125....traveling around the the 125 was an Adventure bike, for sure....

Call them what you will, and hopefully the bike of one's choice will get them there and back.
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