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Sold FJR, bought DL1000. Let the farrrrkles begin!

So. Sold my FJR to an inmate (Timan) who gave me his '06 DL1000 plus cash. Nice guy, was glad to see it go to a good home. So now, I have a new toy! Like all new toys, things must be tinkered and futzed with until it becomes "yours"

First pic: The DL1K in NC as Timan owned it
-Cee Bailey screen
-Shad pannier racks
-Power Commander V
-Superbrace fork brace
-Givi top mount
-Givi bars, etc

Second pic: My driveway 2 days after Timan brought it down to FL
-removed Cee Bailey for stock screen
-rotated stock bars forward
-added iPhone5 RAM mount
-hung my required "safety turtle" from Fiji (long story, don't ask)
-made secure spot for toll transponder under windscreen
(some leftover 3/4" metal banding between Madstad mounting bolts)

Went and registered, insured, and titled it. Showed up at work and went on an eBay buying binge. I know, I'm supposed to save money and be responsible, but I need to enjoy this bike!

Today's eBay purchases:
$80 Givi E45 knockoff - I had a 39L Bestem T-929 on a previous DL650 and was happy with it. The 42L T-982 should be fine as well, I'll use the included MonoKey-style mounting rack and remove the current Givi MonoKey top rack
Moose CR Hi handlebars - I forgot how much I hate the sweep-back on the stock bars of pretty much every bike I've ever ridden. I'm 5'11 with a 31" inseam, but have a long torso with wide shoulders and T-Rex arms. The wide shoulders mean my arms are spread further out, which causes the normal width & sweep-back of most bikes to be painful after a while. Plus, I like a slightly more leaned forward feel in the turns.
Silver-whitey Reflective Wheel Tape - Just about every bike looks awesome with reflective wheel tape. Helps break up the monotony of black wheels and black tires.

Should look good with the upcoming rattlecan satin black paint job!
Don't worry, I've done this several times with great results:

2007 DL650 (previously bright bass-boat blue... )

And the '01 FZ1 that came after that... (also previously bright Yama blue)

Now...the DL1K only has 15K on it, but the clutch shudders and the chain feels feels a little off, so obviously the rear spacer wasn't changed out for a 2mm spacer mod. Went ahead with the DL1000 Rear Wheel Spacer Exchange program from Richland Rick, who's now running orders directly from his site at AdventureTech instead of through the VSRI forum.

And just because I'm due for a new helmet anyway, I sprung for a new black Shoei Qwest for $330 with free 2-day shipping. Lots of great reviews, and my 3-year old Shoei RF1000 already has 35K miles worth of humid FL sweat, occasional sneezing fit boogers, springtime love bugs, etc. Picked up a mirrored gold CW-1 visor for $20 shipped too.

Busy day for me and my farkles! This weekend, will start sanding down the bedliner currently on the front panels of the DL1000 and hopefully get a few decent satin coats down before the farkles start arriving.

Am all ears for ideas from inmates! Would like to:
- switch to a 530 chain with 16/43 sprockets
- improve braking feel (SV1000 front calipers with SVRacing kit?)
- replace the new replacement Trailwing tires with PR3 front & back
- upgrade front/rear suspension (looking at Daugherty, among others)

After this, I'm going to need help with the PC-V that's currently on it. Is there a way to find out what mapping it currently has? I'm tempted to just take it out and go with a Holeshot exhaust/TFI setup.
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